Thursday, July 1, 2010

Phase II Leadership Team and Adoption Drive Update

We thank all who have been involved in Phase I of our work: Derrick, Leng, Cohen, Zainap, Spencer, Alycia (the 6 on the leadership team)  Monica, Lorna, Lynda, Tyler, Natasha, Woon, Eunice (Key Assistants), the large number of volunteers, sponsors, supporters (photographers included!) and well wishers. Phase I involved taking care of the dogs in Kennel 9 (a lot of work- feeding, washing, medicating, transporting dogs to and from vets, etc), raising awareness of their plight and starting the process of finding homes for the 85.

With the move to Mutts and Mittens the need for labour intensive work and daily roster of volunteers decreased substantially. M and M staff helped us to clean and feed the dogs. The team concentrated on settling the dogs in, sending them to the vets for sterilisation, vaccination and treatment of chronic illnesses. More work was done on getting fosterers and adoptors. Some of the initial team members had to return to their normal routine or work (after working almost full time for the months when 'all hands on deck' was the order of the day). Some are focusing their attention on the care of specific dogs- fostering them because these are in great need of individual care. New team members were recruited for Phase II.

These are the leaders for Phase II:
Leng (Chair), Derrick, Cohen (until 16 Sept 2010), Alycia, Kitty, Christina, Lorna, Eunice

Of the 32 dogs up for adoption, potential adoptors were found for 20 dogs. They have been shortlisted and will be contacted soon. 12 dogs still need loving homes

Pictures courtesy of Monica Eng, Nicholas Lee, Davis KK