Monday, June 7, 2010



1. We will be updating the latest list of dogs available for adoption/ adopted etc within the next few days.

2. IMMEDIATE NEED:  From Leng (one of the Leaders)
"We are running low on AVODERM DRY KIBBLE.We have an arrangement with the wholesaler, just for this project to buy at a special at near cost price.So, its cheaper to buy via Mutts n Mittens than frm a retail pet store outside.BUT, its up to donors, where they want to buy from. Just call u...p and say u are sending in $$ via cheque or e transfer and your name and the amt...I think $130 should be able to get us 2 large bags.Or send via post: MUTTS & MITTENS PTE LTD11 PASIR RIS FARMWAY 2SIN 519326(please state its for the AVODERM DOG KIBBLE FOR THE PASIR RIS 75 DOGS PROJECT) Tel: 6583-7371 Open daily close at 6pm."

We don't need anything else at the moment, so please don't send any other brand of dog food or any other item to the shelter. Thank you.

3. Some of our dogs have improved tremendously! See below for pictures of POOCHIE, the poodle (yes, she is for adoption!)

Many more updates  of our other dogs can be seen at our Facebook site ( including videos!)
Do join our FB page!

4. Our Golden Retriever pup Thomas has difficulty swallowing and retaining his food.Some vets suspect  Canine Megaesophagus. While waiting for more investigation, we have created a 'Bailey chair' for him (this type of chair is used to feed dogs in a 'raised' position). See our first tries at feeding him today....

He needs to be fed 3 times a day ie 9am, 1pm and 4pm. If you can help, please email us ATTENTION : Monica.  Thank you.
(Yes, Thomas is looking for a good home as well!)

NEWS UPDATE on 8 June: Thomas died tonight. He had congenital problems possibly due to inbreeding. He was found to have cancer as well. RIP Thomas.

5. ANOTHER ABANDONED DOG FOUND at the Pasir Ris puppymill area today (Sunday 6 June)

Several of our Dogmillrehomers' leaders and leaders of other dog shelters helped to rescue the GSD.
She is now receiving treatment at the vet clinic.

7 June  about noon: PENELOPE JUST DIED. RIP.

(IF you are new to our website, please check out this page before you email us. Thanks!

Pictures courtesy of Monica Eng, Nicholas Lee, Davis KK