Monday, May 10, 2010

Doggy Updates!!

 An Update from one of our Adopters on Malee, now known as SmiLee, a letter from her adopter, Serene :
Hi All, 
I am writing in as my own initiative to update all on MaLee which I took back from the dog mill on 24 April 2010, after seeing the updates on fostered and adopted dogs on your website.

Hopefully, my sharing will be of use to you to help spread the word for others to come forward for adoption, showing them that these dogs will and can blossom into beautiful ones under love and good care.

FYI, I renamed her SmiLee, and she is with me till date for 12 days, and has settled in very well into my family.

When I first brought her back almost 2 weeks ago, she was all skin and bones, had ticks, and bald patches all over her body, with her skin being terribly red all over.

I shaved her down the very next day and brought her to the vet for a full body checkup of which the vet diagnose her to have very bad ear infection on both ears. The doctor also did a skin scape on her then.

I just came back from SmiLee's review with the vet today and the skin scape is all clear, plus her ear infection is on the road to recovery as well.
I requested the vet to give her the annual vacinations today and will be arranging for her sterilisation, booster jab and dental scaling in a month's time.
During the 1st week of stay with me, I found SmiLee to be a gal with a very sweet temperament, always ready to wag her tail when we go near her. She is very docile, listens to commands and so far, has made very few mistakes when I was paper training her for the 1st week.

In fact, by the end of the 1st week, she is more or less paper-trained and I have allowed her full access to the rest of the house (with supervision). Now she has also passed the test of being alone at home when I had to go back to office for work, so far no mistakes no messes when I leave her alone at home for short periods of time.

Till date, she has not given me much problem or fuss since we took her in, such that she is even capable of sleeping quietly on her own (with no whining or fuss) when we have to leave her behind the playpen while I was paper training her.
She follows me around everywhere whenever I am home just like my little shadow, and will lie quietly underneath my chair when I am working on my desk. Now she is also able to sleep quietly on her own in her own bed everynight.

I have attached some random photos of her to share. I didnt take much photos though, hoping to take more when her fur is grown out more.

I will also be following with the necessary people from your end for her adoption.

Lastly, I just want to say that I am glad I did my little part in helping one of the many dogs from the mill.

Hopefully, from my experience, there will be many others who will have the courage in taking the 1st step to foster/adopt, at least that was what I did when I received the fateful call to help the many dogs at the mill, not knowing what to expect then.

Photos will show her being "blur blur" during the 1st few days when she was with me, and subsequent photos will show her playing with the kong I bought for her, and SmiLee in her bed which I bought a rabbit soft toy to keep her company while she sleeps.


Pictures courtesy of Monica Eng, Nicholas Lee, Davis KK