Friday, April 16, 2010

DOGMILLREHOMERS: Help save the 75 dogs!


A breeder/owner at Pasir Ris wanted to close operations and sell his existing stock of 75 dogs to other breeders. Concerned dog rescuers banded together to save the dogs. They bought over the dogs, rented the place for a month to build up the dogs with the plan of finding them good adoptive homes.

A group of volunteers have been going there for the past few days to clean up the place, wash the dogs, feed the dogs, send the dogs to vets for help.


1 Many of the dogs have skin problems, tick fever, are suffering from malnuitrition etc.Several need medical care. We are still in the process of sending the dogs for checkups.

2 There are no pups for adoption

3 These are 'used dogs' (used for breeding) and they have been traumatized. They need a lot of tender loving care from loving homes.

4 Many are HDB sized . Some are bigger.

5 All dogs will be sterilised before adoption

6 There will be adoption fees. These will go to support the medical and sterilisation/ other costs to help the dogs. But it is strictly NON PROFIT.

7 No one below 18 need apply to adopt the dogs

8 Viewings for adoption will be strictly by appointment with the team leaders by emails only.

  • No instant adoption on the spot.
  • Interviews will be conducted.
  • Weekends 15 min slots, Weekdays half an hour slots. 15 mins grace will be given for late comers when they come to view the dogs. (thereafter, rescheduling is needed)

1 FINANCE: A new bank account has been opened for this rescue project
There will be strict accountability.

Finances will be primarily for food, shelter upkeep and medical bills. (When volunteers first came to the shelter, they found only Mama-lemon washing liquid and water hose for cleaning the place....and only plain rice for the dogs.) Volunteers have since been bringing and cooking food for the dogs

Donation details : Write cheque to "Mutts and Mittens Foundation" (behind it MUST WRITE "for Pasir Ris 75 Dogs project"). Post to MUTTS AND MITTENS PTE LTD (Attention: Cohen/Leng),11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2, Singapore 519326.

OCBC Bank account : 568 -885222- 001

2 HANDS-ON HELP: washing the place, washing the dogs, feeding the dogs, etc. Volunteers needed.
3 TRANSPORTATION: trips to the vet, buying things etc.
4 FOSTERERS: Temporary homes for the dogs until they find adoptors


will give 'official' updates of the situation/ needs etc. We will NOT engage in discussion on this website. Please do not post comments/queries here (these will be deleted ) Please send all your queries to instead.
We will reply to you asap. Please be patient.


(ie decision makers) : Derrick, Leng, Spencer, Zainap, Alycia, Cohen


  • Volunteer coordination: Alycia and Spencer
  • Fundraising and finance: Cohen, Leng, Zainap, Natasha
  • Transport: Zainap
  • Fostering: Alycia, Lynda, Derrick, Cohen
  • Adoption: Alycia,Lynda, Derrick, Cohen
  • Website postings: Lorna, Spencer
  • Wish list: Cohen
  • Volunteer Manager (Kennel): Monica
  • Tyler
  • Eunice
  • Woon

More updates coming...

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Pictures courtesy of Monica Eng, Nicholas Lee, Davis KK